Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Internal Inspection for 2010

On Saturday I made the first proper inspection of the Alpha hive this year as it has been way too cold before now. It was bright and sunny, quite warm, and the bees were coming in and out of the hive, so I went through the whole hive. There were no grubs, so I became a bit concerned. I couldn't find the queen, but nothing new there. I went to Thornes earlier in the week and ordered a new hive, but whilst I was there I bought some Apifonda too. So I gave them a pack of it to get them going and hopefully the queen is there and will start laying. Cleared out the dead bees from winter from the bottom of the hive. Also checked the inspection sheet under the hive (it's a open mesh floor); couldn't see a single mite, even under the microscope. Replaced the queen excluder. Two frames of honey still in the super, though. Made a new stand for the new hive, ready for when it arrives.

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