Saturday, July 14, 2012

Online Apps

There is quite a collection of beekeeping tools on the Internet so here is a selection of some of the best that you may find interesting and useful for your beekeeping.  
Hive Tracks is a good example of these internet tools. The site allows you to create an account for free and keep your apiary check data in a controlled format. Although built for US beekeepers, it has a fairly portable user interface that would suit beekeepers in the UK too. Well worth having a look at the demo
BeeTight has a similar application to Hive Tracks, but it also can be used as a Smart Phone App, so easier to take out to the apiary and use on site.  It even allows you to create barcodes so you can scan your hives to get to the information you need. 
BKeeping is another option for storing information about your hives. It is an Australian born application and is interesting to see what they do differently to the American applications. Mybeehives is another one! If you like the idea of these, take a look at them all before committing to the insertion of all your data. Many, like this one, are free too, where others will charge you for the service if you have more than a few hives. I have to admit to preferring to use a spreadsheet tool myself because I have total control over what information to store and display, and my information about by hives is not stored by a third party, so less secure. have a few useful internet tools, like the translation of beekeeping terms, which is interesting! More of their tools and gadgets at this link
DEFRA have a good site that is called BeeBase and it provides lots of information which is UK centric. It also encourages you to enter information about your hives so that DEFRA can understand more about the beekeepers in the UK, to help them help us. 
If you like using Internet forums then the Beekeepers Forum is worth a visit. It is very well populated with beekeepers from all over the world, so you can be assured of many different (probably contradictory) answers to your questions!

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