Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First few jars of Honey for the year!

I took two frames off the Alpha hive last week and spun the honey out to produce five and a half jars, shown here. The process of uncapping, spinning, sieving and bottling was easier than I expected, but it was a nice warm day which makes it easier. The honey tastes great and we have enough to share with some of the neighbours and family, and plenty left for ourselves. It's a good colour, not too pale, a nice fragrance, one friend told me, so we are pleased with this first crop from the Alpha colony. [Update] A few of weeks after this post, I took another couple of frames out and spun another dozen jars worth! It's lovely stuff and some even went into our homemade Rosemary (from the herb garden), Honey (from our bees) and Pork (from our own pigs) sausages! They were lovely, but will probably not last long...

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